What is Iboga and Ibogaine?
Ibogaine is the primary active component of the iboga plant. Iboga is plant from West Africa that is used as an initiation into adulthood and as a powerful healer plant for physical and psychological suffering. In the 1960s a heroine addict named Howard Lotsoff accidentally discovered this plant's incredible properties to physically and neurochemically...[ read more ]
Sustainable Iboga Farms are Imperitive Now
As demand for Ibogaine and iboga skyrockets globally, harvesting and poaching of wild iboga skyrockets as well. Much of the wild iboga is taken from the 13 national parks as well as other ancient forests from Gabon, Camaroon, and other parts of West Africa. In West Africa there is little culture of growing iboga, as the forest has always provided more than enough for ... [ read more ]

Fundraiser to create a sustainable iboga farm: $30,000 goal!
The world needs a sustainable source of iboga to meet growing demands.

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10% of our donations will go directly to Gabon to support preservation of iboga and of Bwiti.




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